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A community platform providing data analytics and statistics for coaches, players and teams from youth to professional focusing on elevating the game.

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What We Do


Manage teams and create rosters for each game.


Create and view schedules and keep track of games.


Analyze teams and players with gameday stat tracker.

Over Spreadsheet & Data Entry Being Lost?


Manage your team and data


Get instant game analytics on the day


Store game & player data for review

About Us

Jason Harper


Former rugby player with a passion for fusing design and technology to improve the day-to-day experience for players, coaches, fans and more.

Etienne de Bruin


Avid problem solver with a love of people and programming who relishes the opportunity to create products that make people happy.

Rachel Hoffman

Software Engineer

UC Berkeley graduate from San Diego, CA with a love of all things sports and a strong enthusiasm for user experience and design.

Ryan McQuilkin

Software Engineer

SoftStack Factory graduate from Corona, CA with a background in relational database creation and administration.